Feminism at Farthing – Gloria Steinem says Women’s Movement is still necessary

By Caroline Monday – The Mountain Times – Boone, NC – Feb 8, 2008

Feminist activist and icon Gloria Steinem accepts a T-shirt that describes Boone
as “a Vagina-Friendly City,” a promotion from the local production of
“The Vagina Monologues.” Steinem visited ASU Monday.
Photo by Troy Tuttle, ASU News Bureau

Feminist leader Gloria Steinem visited Appalachian State University Monday, Feb. 4, and spoke that evening on “The Progression of Feminism: Where Are We Going?”

Steinem started off her presentation addressing the popular sentiment that feminism and the Women’s Movement is not necessary anymore.

“This movement, the Women’s Movement, which has been going for something like 35 years, is often treated as if it were over. We hear words like post-feminism, that’s kind of like post-democracy. What does that mean?”

She said that attitude is one perpetuated by opponents to feminism. “The first impediment was to tell us we couldn’t do it. We were going against nature, it was impossible, against God, against Freud, against somebody. And we did it anyway,” Steinem said. . .

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