Europe Reconsiders Prostitution as Sex Trafficking Booms

Duetsche Welle – Monday 28 April, 2008

Do Customers Care? - Deutsche Welle Image
Do customers care where the prostitutes come from and how they got there?

Trafficking and forced prostitution are on the rise, and the EU countries’ complicated prostitution laws make prosecution difficult. An aid organization has opened its 12th office in Germany to advise women in need.

Some 700,000 women are trafficked to western Europe every year, said lawyer Birgit Thoma, who works for Solwodi, or Solidarity with Women in Distress.

Affordable transport and instant communication have led to an increase in trafficking over past 10 years, with the trade now worth an estimated $30 billion (18.8 billion euros) globally, according to a United Nations report. . .

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