Indian village proud after double “honor killing”

Reuters news – Simon Denyer – Friday 16 May, 2008

Reuters - honor killing Ballah village India
Police look at the bodies of Sunita Devi (bottom L), 21, and
her partner Jasbir Singh, 22, after they were killed by villagers in an
“honour killing” in Ballah village in the northern Indian state of Haryana
May 9, 2008. Image: Reuters stringer

BALLA, India (Reuters) – Five armed men burst into the small room and courtyard at dawn, just as 21-year-old, 22-week pregnant, Sunita was drying her face on a towel.
They punched and kicked her stomach as she called out for her sleeping boyfriend “Jassa”, 22-year-old Jasbir Singh, witnesses said. When he woke, both were dragged into waiting cars, driven away and strangled.

Their bodies, half-stripped, were laid out on the dirt outside Sunita’s father’s house for all to see, a sign that the family’s “honor” had been restored by her cold-blooded murder. . .

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