Cristi Hegranes and her nonprofit train women around the world so they can help their communities — through journalism

Matt Palquist – Miller-McCune magazine – Monday 19 May, 2008

Miller-McCune - Cristi Hegranes trains women in journalism
Cristi Hegranes, founder and president of the Press Institute, at her Oakland, Calif., office. Photo – Robert Holmes

In July 2004, Cristi Hegranes found herself in a small village in Nepal, near the border with Tibet, as civil war enveloped the region.

In the brutal, decade-long struggle between Maoist rebels and the government forces they wanted to topple, nearly 13,000 people were killed, with hundreds of thousands displaced. In the midst of an eight-month reporting stint to finish her joint master’s thesis in journalism and political science, Hegranes was freelancing for international news organizations, producing stories on human-rights abuses, gender issues and the cultural impacts of the war. Most foreign correspondents had been kicked out of Nepal, but Hegranes was able to stay on her student visa.

And yet, she was stuck in a tiny village, high in the mountains, several miles outside the town of Silgarhi. . .

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