Iraqi women take aim at expanded police roles

ANNA JOHNSON – The Associated Press – Friday 12 Sept, 2008

Wafaa Najah Abdalla, center, is flanked by a US and an Iraqi
soldier as she holds empty magazines after finishing target
practice, at an Iraqi police academy in Udaim, Iraq, north of
Baghdad, Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008. Some 20 Iraqi women who are
trained at the academy are a critical part of the U.S. and Iraqi
response to the latest deadly tactic of al-Qaida in Iraq female
suicide bombers. (AP Photo/Anna Johnson)

Women have been serving as auxiliary members of Iraqi security forces in markets and during pilgrimages, but these recruits will be full-time policewomen once they graduate next week. They also will receive an official police certification from the Ministry of Interior.

There is still some resistance women police officers in Diyala, one of the most violent pockets in Iraq. Some men believe the job is too dangerous. Others object to women leaving their families for a month to live at the academy. . .

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