THAILAND: Film Censorship Leaves Viewers in the Dark

The Mindanao Examiner – Friday 24 Oct, 2008

BANGKOK, Thailand (Asia Media Forum) – It’s film festival time in the Thai capital, but many movie enthusiasts still feel, well, left in the dark by the recent banning of the Japanese-Thai film ‘Children of the Dark’, which was deemed too sensitive by the authorities.

This is especially in the wake of the new Film Act, which favours a rating system over making cuts in films.

The feature film ‘Children of the Dark’, which is about child sex slavery, never saw the light of day at the 2008 Bangkok International Film Festival on Sep 23-30, 2008, because Thai censors — via a statement released by festival officials — deemed that it was ‘inappropriate’ and touched on a ‘sensitive’ issue. . .

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