Pray the Devil Back to Hell

Brad Listi – Joy Online Ghana – Wednesday 19 Nov, 2008

Gini Reticker is an Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker. Her latest effort, Pray the Devil Back to Hell, is a stirring examination of the Liberian civil war and the band of extraordinary women who helped to put an end to it.

The devil in this story is President Charles Taylor, the despot now on trial for war crimes at The Hague. His dictatorial reign from 1997 to 2003 marked a dismal period in Liberia’s history, one that created a nation of displaced peoples, child soldiers, relentless violence, and utterly decimated infrastructure.

In the aftermath of Taylor’s exile, however, Liberia has enjoyed a stunning rebirth, becoming in 2003 the first African nation to elect a female head of state, electing Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to the presidency. . .

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