In Iraq, a story of rape, shame and ‘honor killing’

Tina Susman and Caesar Ahmed – Los Angeles Times – Thurs 23 April, 2009

After prison guards assaulted an Iraqi woman, she turned to her brother for help. But he — and society — failed her

A poster at a Najaf rally reads Stop violence against women. Image: Alaa al-Marjani / AP

A poster at a Najaf rally reads "Stop violence against women." Image: Alaa al-Marjani / AP

Reporting from Baghdad — Sometimes, it’s the forbidden stories, the ones people are afraid to tell in full, the ones that emerge only in fragments, that reveal the truth about a place.

This is such a story.

It’s being told now not because the complete truth is known, but because the story nags at those familiar with its outlines, and because it says as much about Iraq’s progress as it does about Iraq’s resistance to change. . .

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