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Using the highest standard in journalism WNN – Women News Network Breaking News Portal is dedicated to finding and bringing you international breaking news vital to all women today.

WNN – Women News Network, the parent site for WNN’s breaking news portal, is dedicated to bringing you in depth international women’s featured news not found in our current public media stream.

Starting from a writing assignment to cover the UN Commission on the Status of Women in 2006, director Lys Anzia saw the vital need for media women to report the many times hard and suffering international stories of women. WNN stories have appeared on UN affiliate and agency publications through WUNRN – Women’s UN Report Network and UN-INSTRAW, the United Nations Institute of Training and Research for the Advancement of Women.

WNN – Women News Network is continuing to expand today as new journalists join the WNN team. The focus is on quality short feature writing. We are also currently in the process of finalizing our process in becoming a non-profit media news network as an NGO with solid 501(c)3 status under our new created non-profit umbrella, “World Voice International.”

Branches of the WNN network include women’s advocacy with video/film, featured news, breaking news portal and our new “hear it” WNN voice reader for featured articles .

The outreach is global. The hope is to end suffering and to tell these vital stories in efforts to create a better world for all of us.

-A young girl in the slave-trade labor force of West Africa-


WNN – Women News Network Staff


Lys Anzia – WNN Director

In 1979, WNN director, award-winning playwright, (2007) Pushcart Prize nominee and humanitarian journalist – Lys Anzia, was the first woman on the programming board for Public TV Channel 12 KBDI in Denver, CO. After an early career training in public radio with Pacifica affiliate station WPFW in Washington, DC, she continues to produce radio today covering international women’s stories for WINGS – Women’s International News Gathering Service.

Lys is currently the director and curator for Women News Network Video collection

Drea Knufken – writer-journalist

Drea Knufken is a freelance writer living in Boulder, Colorado. She first became aware of international women’s issues when she studied abroad in Accra, Ghana, and saw first-hand the powerful role women had in keeping that country thriving. Reach her via email at air (dot) elements (at) gmail (dot) com.

Svetlana Bahchevanova – photographer

Bulgarian photographer for WNN, Svetlana Bahchevanova, has exhibited her work in Europe and the United States in galleries and museums and has been published by numerous major newspapers, agencies and magazines such a International Herald Tribune, l’Humanitie, Soar, Pravda, Biography, Reuters and Associated Press.